Modern Birth teaches a unique approach to childbirth. The curriculum is based on real life events. Roseanne Seminara has created a program that will empower each couple who are embarking on this journey. After 38 years in women's health (25 as a midwife) Roseanne has learned that there is no right or wrong way to give birth. Each birth is unique and special. There is no pass or fail - THIS IS NOT A TEST!

The ONE DAY intensive class will include:

36 weeks and beyond
role of spouse/partner/significant other in labor and birth
role of the doula

labor stages
tools for coping with labor:

  • positioning
  • use of water/heat/cold/massage/meditation
  • epidural
  • hydration/nutrition

when operative birth becomes necessary
skin to skin
stem cell banking
initiating breast feeding
...and much, much more !

We will end with a deep relaxation and visualization.
To make it more comfortable please wear loose clothing.
Feel free to bring lunch, snacks and water will be provided.

Please register early, we want to keep the classes small. The price for the one day class is $300/ couple.